Best quality Boat bait boards in Victoria

When it comes to your fishing expeditions, there is a source of bait that you carry around. Depending on your preference, this might vary from small worm feeds to small varieties of fish. One might want to cut them up into smaller chunks to fix them on the bait hook. It is also advisable to hook small bits of bait as opposed to large chunks as it is easier for the fish to peck on and consume. It might be a messy job to carry around chopped chunks of bait and hence it makes it easier to do it on board. All such prep work can be done on a boat bait board. They are crafted in an array of materials such as aluminium, quintrex and more. These fish cutting boards are a necessary accessory on any boat.

Corey Gauci Marine is a leading dealer in all kinds of boat accessories in Melbourne and Victoria. We have a wide range of boat bait boards in different materials. Bait boards with storage are a new addition to this range with storage facilities, which elevates its functionality. Besides these, we also offer a variety of fishing rods in different sizes and models.

Benefits of a bait cutting board for boat

A board allocated specifically for bait preparation means that you no longer need to depend on whatever surface is available on your boat. Their benefits:

  • Cleanliness – You can make cleaning up easier with boards that comes with a run-off tray. This section collects all bait fluid and meat into one compartment for easy disposal and prevents the floor of your boat from becomes dirty and slippery. Some of them also come with a drainage hole for better convenient cleaning.
  • Knife containment – Most bait boards that come with a knife compartment that can be used for storing your knife and carving tools. Thereby you don’t have to waste time scouting for a knife when on board.This is a safe and practical feature.

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