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Second hand boats for sale in Victoria

There are a lot of boat enthusiasts across Australia but all of them are not able to afford a brand new boat. For such people, used boats are an alternative. One of the main advantages of buying a second hand boat is that they are cheaper than a brand new one. With careful inspection and a test drive, one can procure a boat in good condition and fit for use. Being a used one, the value depreciation has already happened and hence it is available at its best resale value. For users looking for a boat as an occasional recreation, a used boat is the best option an opposed to an expensive boat which will be a hefty investment. In a second hand boat, most of the equipment and accessories come as a part of the deal and hence you can procure them at a much lesser cost than buying them at their original price.

Corey Gauci Marine is one of the leading sellers in Melbourne and Victoria for all kinds of used boats including fishing boats, sailing boats, Grady white boats, sea ray boats, cabin cruisers, speed boats, commercial boats, sea hunt boats and more. All the boats we procure undergo careful inspection and scrutinisations, guaranteeing that they are in good condition and have all the documentation in place. At Corey Gauci Marine, our experts offer all necessary guidance and advice related to inspecting, choosing, buying and maintaining a boat. We also deal in excellent outboards for sale.

Used Boats For Sale

We stock a range of used boats that have all gone through a thorough quality inspection process for safety, function, and reliability. When you visit our used boat yard, you’ll see used boats for sale, such as:

  • Tinnies and Open Boats
  • Runabouts
  • Bowriders
  • Cabin Boats
outboards for sale

For Sale – Fisherman 5-2

Aloy 5 mill plate, Easytow trailer, 140 hp Suzuki 4- stroke.
On sale at Corey Gauci Marine, 8 Chester Rd, Altona.

  • Phone 0439208616


For Sale – Haines Hunter Seawasp

40 hp Yamaha 4-Stroke, tiller, electric start, power tilt trim. Electric anchor winch, Stainless corner snapper racks, Casting deck.2019 model hull, Easytow trailer, Bilge pump, Deckwash, Sounder, AM FM radio.On sale at Corey Gauci Marine, 8 Chester Rd, Altona.

  • Phone 0439208616


For Sale – Haines Hunter v19 R

Trailer, sounder, launchers canopy. On sale at Corey Gauci Marine, 8 Chester Rd, Altona

  • Phone 0439208616


Boat service

We’re at your Service for boat servicing, repairs, installation and more. Note that we do fibreglass boat repairs and major repairs for boat trailers.

What to expect

  • Competitive pricing to give you value for money
  • Advice, installation, service, repairs from an experienced team


What payment methods do you take?2020-03-12T12:18:52+11:00

Cash, MasterCard, and VISA.

Do you do on site finance and consignment?2020-03-12T12:18:35+11:00


Can you give me a good price?2020-03-12T12:18:14+11:00

Yes. Our prices are very competitive as we keep as close to wholesale as possible to give you more bang for your buck.

You’ll always get a great price with top notch service.

Is the motor reliable?2020-03-12T12:17:47+11:00

Yes. Whether it’s a 2 stroke motor, or a 4 stroke motor, we’ll do a complete diagnostic on every motor, which includes testing it in water. The end result is a motor that you can rely on, whether you’re offshore, or inshore.

Is it safe to go out?2020-03-12T12:17:26+11:00

Yes. All used boats go through a full check and we test them out on the water. We repair and replace anything that’s worn or broken, to give you peace of mind that you’re getting a quality used boat that’s safe, reliable, and functional. Your boat is ready to hit the water as soon as you are!

Tips for buying a second hand boat

  1. Look for cracks in the fiberglass above and below the waterline to ensure no damage which could lead to leakages.
  2. Inspect for signs of damage on the overall body.
  3. Check for loose seats and other dangling auxiliaries.
  4. Look for mildew and similar fungal growth.
  5. Make sure the electronics and the necessary equipment work.
  6. Check the belts and the other safety harnesses.
  7. Start the engine and see if it starts up smoothly.
  8. Test the oil.

We Sell & Service Used Outboard Motors Of All Makes & Models