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Electric Boat Winches

Tired of manually pulling your anchor?

Sick of struggling (and injuring yourself) with tangled chains?
Wish you could have a less stressful fishing or boating trip?

What if you could simply press a button to control your anchor fall in waters deeper than 30 metres?

Sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

It isn’t.

Introducing the award winning electric boat anchor winch:

  • Lower and raise your boat at the touch of a button: avoid injury and falls
  • Control your anchor fall with motor and gearbox
  • Retro fit: 5 sizes available
  • Increase your catch: moves as quickly as a fast falling anchor

You probably won’t find a boat winch as good as the world’s first patented electronic fast fall system (SAV-EFF) which won the Marine Industry Innovation Award for design by the Boating Industry Association.

Enjoy your time on the water even more with a reliable, powerful, no-fuss anchor made of quality marine grade parts.

Watch the Savwinch electronic boat anchor winch in action.

Electric Boat Winch Service

  • Obligation free advice
  • Installation
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Long term maintenance and support

Contact us to view the electric boat winch.

Thanks Corey for all the work done on the boat the winch is great and the motor runs like a new one, and the anchor light on top of the Bimini what a great idea! - Ben Scolyer